How to charge the refrigerant gas into the unit?


charge the refrigerant into the refrigeration unit ???

charge the refrigerant

How to charge the refrigerant gas into the unit?

After finish the vacuuming process, the next step is to charge the refrigerant. And,there are two ways to charge refrigerant.

While installing the unit and unit does not run, the refrigerant charged through the bypass hole of the liquid supply valve or liquid receiver and refrigerant must be liquid. If the amount can’t reach the standard set-up, the refrigerant can be charging through the suction pipe of the compressor.

But, here are two tricks to pay attention to when charging from the suction side:

1. For R22 refrigerant, it is charged in the gas state.

2. For R404A, it can be charged in a liquid state gradually. If charge quickly, too much liquid refrigerant will mix with the oil. It is not good for the compressor.

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