The evaporator pressure control for the refrigeration system!

The evaporator pressure control for the refrigeration system!

For the refrigeration system, the aims to control the evaporator pressure are:


1. Control the evaporator pressure stable to reduce the fluctuation of room temperature. Then, keep the goods fresh and reduce the water losses of goods.


2. Control the evaporators work well while having two or more different evaporating pressures in systems with one compressor. For example, a customer asks three cold rooms (-18C for meat, +2C for milk and +5C for vegetable), so there are three different evaporating pressures. To let the three cold rooms can work well in different pressure, we need to use some ways to control the pressure.


Now, let us introduce one popular way to control the evaporator pressure. It is an evaporating pressure regulator (KVP). The KVP is mounted in the suction line of the refrigeration system. Like the above example, we can install two KVPs in the evaporators outlet pipe of milk and vegetable cold rooms. And, let the evaporators work under the evaporating pressure they need.

 KVPs in the evaporator outlet pipe

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