The Journey of a Banana: Exploring the Ripening Chamber and Cold Room

The integration of ripening chambers and cold rooms in the banana supply chain is key to ensuring the quality and taste of bananas throughout the entire journey from harvest to consumption. This seamless transition from ripening to storage not only enhances the efficiency of the supply chain but also plays a significant role in reducing food waste and meeting consumer demand for high-quality produce.

Now, let’s address some common questions related to banana ripening chambers and cold rooms:

Banana Ripening and Storage

By controlling factors such as temperature, humidity, and ethylene levels, ripening chambers can accelerate the ripening process while maintaining the fruit’s quality.

Cold rooms, on the other hand, are essential for extending the shelf life of bananas and preventing premature spoilage.

Bananas are not suitable for long-term storage. It releases ethylene gas during breathing. The secretion of this gas accelerates its maturation. When stored in a green state, bananas have a shelf life of 6-7 weeks but cannot be directly sent to the market after storage. They are injected with ethylene in a controlled manner in special rooms to break down the chlorophyll on the skin, changing its color to yellow in 6-8 days depending on the temperature, and then sent to market.

The ripening process usually takes 4-6 days in a cool banana ripening room. Bananas are turned from green to yellow, gaining sweetness.

Banana ripening

What are the diseases and injuries of banana storage?

Anthracnose, Blackrot, Chilling injury, Fruit spot, and Rhizopusrot.

Bananas, whether green or ripe, are prone to bruising easily. Handling them with care at each stage will reduce bruising and enable you to sell them at a higher price.

Cold Room Classification

According to the requirements of modern ripening facilities, cold rooms are categorized as follows:

  • Large-capacity ripening equipment/cold rooms: Typically used to store a single type of goods, primarily operated seasonally. Examples include warehouses for potatoes, peppers, apples, and similar products.
  • Multi-purpose ripening equipment/cold rooms: Specifically designed to store various goods operating year-round.
  • Small-scale ripening equipment/cold rooms: Equipped with pre-cooling facilities for short-term storage of fruits and vegetables, primarily used for exports, such as grapes.
  • Frozen foods rooms: it’s designed for with (or) while not processing and chilling facilities for fish, meat, poultry, dairy farm products, and processed fruits and vegetables.
  • Mini units /walk in cold stores: it’s settled at the distribution centre etc.
  • Controlled Climate Atmosphere (CCA) rooms: it’s primarily designed enough for the ripening of fruits.
banana ripening chamber
banana cold room

Temperature and Humidity

Temperature and humidity play crucial roles in the ripening process. The ideal temperature for ripening bananas is around 18-25°C (64-77°F), while humidity levels should be maintained at 85-95%. These optimal conditions promote the production of enzymes that break down starch into sugars, giving bananas their characteristic sweetness and flavor.

In contrast, banana cold rooms are designed to keep bananas at temperatures between 13-15°C (55-59°F) to slow down the ripening process and extend shelf life. Processing warehouses maintain temperatures of 12-16°C (53-60°F), but adjustments and operations should be made by staff members according to changes in ripeness.

Proper ventilation and air circulation are essential in both ripening chambers and cold rooms to ensure uniform ripening and storage conditions for bananas. Adequate airflow helps distribute ethylene evenly in ripening chambers and maintains consistent temperature and humidity levels in cold rooms, optimizing the quality and freshness of the fruit.

Do Cold Rooms Affect the Nutritional Value of Bananas?

Cold rooms use refrigeration systems to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the storage area, preventing temperature fluctuations that could lead to premature ripening or spoilage.

When properly maintained, cold rooms do not significantly affect the nutritional value of bananas. By preserving the freshness of the fruit, cold rooms help retain essential nutrients, making bananas a healthy and delicious snack choice.

Benefits of Ripening Chamber

Different banana varieties may have specific ripening requirements and storage preferences. Ripening chambers and cold rooms can be tailored to accommodate these variations, providing customized conditions to optimize the quality and ripening process for each banana cultivar.

Many modern ripening and cold storage rooms are designed with energy-efficient features to reduce overall energy consumption and environmental impact.

  • They allow you to control the ripening process, giving you more flexibility in choosing when your bananas will ripen.
  • They ensure uniform ripening of your bananas, providing you with a more consistent product.
  • They allow you to ripen bananas faster, saving you time and money.

How Much Does a Ripening Room Cost?

In ripening chambers, a source of ethylene gas or ethylene-emitting products is required. The size of the room depends on the quantity of bananas you need to ripen. The cost of setting up a ripening chamber or cold room specifically depends on factors such as size, capacity, technical features, energy efficiency, and customization options.

Initial investment costs and ongoing operational expenses should also be considered when planning the construction of banana ripening chambers and cold storage rooms.

Is there any other ripening chamber?

Of course. In addition to banana ripening chambers, there are also mango ripening rooms, avocado ripening chambers, papaya ripening chambers, cheese ripening rooms, tomato ripening rooms, and ethylene ripening chambers.

Do you need a ripening room? Contact us and let us help you build a custom ripening room to suit your needs and requirements! We have rich experience and expertise to provide you with the most advanced technology and the highest quality service.

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