My electricity cost is expensive, what refrigeration unit solution you advise?

My electricity cost is expensive, what refrigeration unit solution you advise?

Although it doesn’t cost much to buy  a cold room, the daily maintenance costs for a cold room will be very high in the following 10 to 20 years. You need to pay the electricity cost, pay for the spare parts, etc. Especially when your electricity cost is expensive, what should you do? There is a refrigeration unit solution for you:

Firstly, let’s simply introduce how the refrigeration unit works.

For example, you set a temperature to -20C degree, then compressor starts work until the room temperature reaches -20C degree, then it stops. After one hour, the temperature rises to -18C, then compressor starts again. And it is a circle.

Each time compressor works, there are a lot of frosts occur on the evaporator, and if it is too much frost, then evaporator cooling now well, so need to defrost period, usually every 4 hours. When it starts to defrost, the compressor will stop and the room temperature will rise. After defrosting finish, the compressor will work again to reach -20C degree.


There are two defrost types introduced to you.

1. Electric heater defrosts, the heater getting a heat, so the frost will melt. But the heater is consuming the electric and a big one.
2. Hot gas defrosts, the frost is melted by the gas from the compressor. Not much electricity is needed.

So if your electricity cost is expensive, we recommend using hot gas defrost.

However, there is technically limited.

In the case of electric defrost, the whole system requires only two piping systems, it is easy, every supplier can produce, and every engineer can install.

But for hot gas defrost, there are three piping systems, there is any extra piping leading the gas from the compressor to evaporator directly. This technology is not that easy to complete.

If you decide to use the hot gas defrost unit, remember to double-check if your engineer good at it or not.

So how does the defrost type affect the electricity cost? Take a 3HP low-temperature unit for example:

1. Hot gas defrost takes only 2 mins, but electric need 15 mins. So electricity defrost consumes more power.
2. Hot gas defrosts need only 0.06Kw power, while electric defrosting requires 0.35Kw, it is bigger.
3. After the defrost period, hot gas will defrost and the  cold room temperature will go up only 3C degrees, but electric defrost will go up 13 degrees.
4. Thus, for hot gas defrost, the compressor only needs to work 7mins to cool down to -18C, but electric defrost takes 20 mins.
5. In conclusion, using an electric defrost unit will cost you about 3 to 4 times electric cost than the hot gas defrosts type.

For more: you could get in touch with us and leave your message to get the latest price and ask questions, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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