Why I choose semi-contact plate freezer for quick freezing food?

The features of semi-contact plate freezer

  1. The cooling area of the freezing plate is more than 10 times that of normal air supply freezing equipment because of the special air duct design.
  2. The new freezing plate’s refrigerant consumption is only 30% of that of the traditional contact freezing equipment freezing plate.
  3. The heat conduction is quick, allowing the frozen material to be frozen promptly to limit the risk of contamination or degradation, and the product quality is naturally good.
  4. The production rate is improved, and the electricity cost and time consumption are decreased, due to the quick freezing speed.
  5. The open design makes it simple to clean, maintain cleanness, and remove the plate quickly.
  6. It can be used to freeze a variety of products.
  7. The integrated type is simple to install and run, requiring simply the connection of water and power.
  8. The device has a simple structure, few moving parts (no consumables like hydraulic cylinders or high-pressure hoses, for example), and minimal maintenance costs.
  9. When compared to the laying of aluminum plates in non-general coils, the heat transmission effect of the one-piece aluminum extrusion freezing plate is good and direct.
semi-contact freezer with ice

For the variety of quick-frozen foods application

  1. Freezing of seafood, fish and shrimp, aquatic products or chicken, pork, etc
  2. For those who require block freezing, use the freezing tray/box, which is more efficient.
  3. All types of products that require quick freezing, especially high-value items.

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