Automatic sliding door——for walk in coolers and freezers

Automatic sliding door

Automatic sliding door

The automatic sliding door is a more convenient and intelligent design than a manual sliding door for walk in coolers and freezers.

When a worker is with busy hands, it can save much time and labor on the opening and closing door. So that it can improve inlet and outlet efficiency and save cost. For a lifetime, it can be longer due to its special design, avoiding the human impact. The automatic door has a good insulation effect in keeping away the hot air outside the cold room.


The automatic sliding door is widely used in factory, industry, supermarket, retail, the Pharmaceutical Industry commercial walk in refrigerator, etc. It is suitable for temperature -45C~+50C conditions. Our automatic sliding door has an excellent sealing strip. The sealing strip has a good function in Chemical resistance and aging resistance. It can work in conditions of -50C~+130C. 


The automatic sliding door has a foaming frame, better looking, and using aluminum guide cover. It is good at anti-dust, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion. The guide rail’s durable quality and special design make it close tightly to the door hole and floor when it is closing.


 About the automatic sliding door electric control systems, we use the Schneider electric components. It is a famous brand and ensures the control systems durable, safe, and sensitive. By process setting, our automatic can intelligently delay closing when meets special conditions and automatically assess when to begin the delay. It makes the door control reach the perfect effect for walk in fridge freezer. 


Regarding the door package, we will use the durable export wooden box for the door panel. And for the guide rail and other accessories of the automatic sliding door, it is optional to use a smaller wooden box package to have better protection, and avoid the loss during the shipment.


There also is a manual sliding door for sale, and we have many kinds of cold room doors, contact us to get a more suitable door for your cold room.

For more: you could get in touch with us and leave your message to get the latest price and ask questions, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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