How to cut the budget if you want an anti-rust cold room?

How to cut the budget if you want an anti-rust cold room?

Many customers ask how to cut the budget if buy an anti-rust cold room, and let me tell you in this blog.


As we know, seafood is salty and with water which can lead to rust of steel easily.

However, do you know what the best steel of the seafood storage panel is?

Stainless steel 304 cold room is the best choice, by using panel with SUS 304 steel, you don’t need to worry about any problem with corrosion, rusts or scratch.

       Stainless steelstainless steel

However, you want to store seafood but the stainless steel is too expensive?

In order to help you saving costs and solving the corrosive problem here are our suggestions for you.


  1. Cold room internal side use stainless steel, external use color plate.
  2. Both sides of cold room panel use salinization sheet instead of the stainless steel.
  3. Cold room internal side use salinization sheet, external side use color plate.

Stainless steel


Because maybe you are not familiar with the salinization sheet, let me introduce the advantages of the salinization sheet.

(1) It has one more salinization layer than color plate.

(2) Anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-scratch.

(3) When you touch, it feels likes leather and plastic.

(4) Nice appearance.

Anti-rust level: SUS304 > salinization sheet > color plate


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