CRYO’s B2 Fireproofing PU panels

CRYO’s B2 Fireproofing PU panels

No risks √

Our PU panel has passed the fireproofing test and the test results show that our PU (polyurethane) foam reaches B2 fireproof grade.

As you can see in the picture, it is difficult to burn and the smoke is light and a little, won’t spread.

PU panel being fireproofing is really important when the cold room catches up the fire because it can ensure the goods and people’s life secure.

CRYO’s B2 Fireproofing PU panels
Fireproofing PU panels


Now, let’s see a new from our customers’ country:

It is a nightmares fire accident in Africa!

The accident happened in June 2017, a hot day. When the owner wanted to put the goods into his cold room, he found that his warehouse was caught up fire! The fire was spreading, and burning to the cold room in a few minutes.

It released pungent gas and black smoke at the same time. And people were heading to tangle: “This cold room is on fire! Smoke is everywhere! All the goods inside the cold room are lost! What a terrible accident!”


Non-fireproof PU panels lead to the spread of black smoke which possibly makes people getting choke to death!

CRYO: Materials themselves of the panel are fireproofing: B1 grade steel, B2 grade foaming. When fires are on, the smoke is light and a little, won’t spread.

In conclusion, it is the best choice to choose our PU panel when you want a high-quality cold room.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1585555668099{margin-top: 33px !important;}”]

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