CRYO be on-site to solve installation of Cambodia cold storage


Cambodian customer John is the owner of the chicken farm, he decided to build cold storage for chickens, and he find CRYO. Considering the customer’s needs and the products to be stored, we designed a 15*11*4m cold storage for the customer, equipped with a 2×18 HP BITZER condensing unit.

However, the customer has never bought cold storage before, so the problem that John was worried about the installation problem. Although he has hired a technical team for such a large-scale engineering project, he does not trust local technology. So he asked our technical engineer to go there for installation.

What do we do to solve the cold storage installation problem?

As soon as we received the customer’s request, we immediately discussed with the engineering team whether they could go abroad to help the customer guide the installation. Finally, CRYO sent two engineers to the project onsite.

Because our engineers are professionally trained, and have a lot of on-site practical col d room operation experience. When the customer saw their skilled installation process, the customer was very relieved. Not only that, the CRYO engineering team patiently taught the customer’s technical team how to weld copper pipes, how to debug the refrigeration unit, how to install the PIR panel and the sliding door of the cold room connection and sealing. We taught the customer’s technical team a lot of more advanced technology and helped them master more cold storage refrigeration knowledge.

Later, the customer recommended CRYO to many friends, and there were as many as a dozen customers in Cambodia recommended by John. We are very grateful to every customer who was warm-hearted and recognized us.

We hope to become lifetime customers and lifetime friends with each and every one of our customers.

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