10 years of cooperation with American customer to build Walk-in freezer


The US customer, Leo, specializes in cold room rental and cold chain distribution. His company is very strong, has a certain reputation in the local area, is a family-inherited business, and also has a professional technical team. Leo cooperated with CRYO when he first started looking for suppliers from China 10 years ago.

What do we do to solve the walk in freezer installation problem?

In the beginning, Leo still had many doubts and worried that the quality of our walk-in freezer products could not meet his requirements.

The customer continued to check our ability and technology, and finally had a long talk with the general manager Vivian. It took more than half a year for the customer to inspect the CRYO team. In the end, with Vivian’s encouragement and commitment, he finally made up his mind, but he still felt uneasy to cooperate with CRYO on the first project, because the customer had not seen the refrigeration unit equipment and did not know its quality, He remained skeptical until the machine was running well.

Finally, when the customer received all the refrigerating units and cold room panels, our sales team and technical team patiently cooperated with the customer and the customer’s technical team. After the final inspection by our refrigeration engineer, the walk-in freezer began to be tested. After an hour, the cold room reached specific temperature, and the cold room equipment ran smoothly as expected. Leo said, “CRYO done a good job”.

After the success of the first project, the customer increased trust in us, and successively made dozens of walk-in coolers and freezer projects, including some government bidding projects. So far, CRYO has cooperated with customers for 10 years.

We hope to become lifetime customers and lifetime friends with each and every one of our customers.

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We hope to become lifetime customers and lifetime friends with each and every one of our customers.

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