Fiji Blast freezer, CRYO helps to solve the shipping problem


A customer Kerios from Fiji bought 10 cabinets of products from us, including BITZER screw unitsPU panelsvertical type evaporator, etc. Because the shipping costs continued to increase during the COVID-19 pandemic period, this customer has been comparing shipping costs with different agents to save costs. Finally, the customer chose the agent with the cheapest price.

Five days after the goods were successfully installed, the agent suddenly said that the shipping price would be increased by 30%, because the shipping company had increased the price. The customer was instantly angry.

How did CRYO help the customer to solve problem?

Generally speaking, the agent’s price should be negotiated between the two sides before loading the container, and the price cannot be changed once the container is loaded, which is the basic business credit.

The customer communicated with the agent many times to no avail, and the customer asked for our help to communicate. Our team immediately took action, Abby of the order department wrote emails, and even Vivian, the general manager of our sales department, connected with the agent’s boss, but the calling kept failing.

This matter has been unable to negotiate, and then the cold storage goods almost arrived at the port, the CRYO team is anxious and rushed to contact the customer and find a solution with the agent as soon as possible. Because we have been exporting for more than 10 years, CRYO team knows clearly that if the goods do not get the bill of lading when they arrive at the port, the customer will lose more money. So we decided to propose that the three parties should share the loss, the agent, the client, and CRYO.

Vivian told the client that CRYO treasures every client, and now when our clients encounter difficulties and problems, we have to stand with them and take responsibility together, face them together and solve the problems together. No matter whose responsibility it is, the first thing we want to do is to help our customers to solve their problems in the fastest and most efficient way.

The customer said, “My heart is deeply warmed by CRYO and I will do all my business in China with CRYO.

We hope to become lifetime customers and lifetime friends with each and every one of our customers.

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