How to reduce cold room energy use by 30% – Case study

Walk in freezer

Have you paid attention to the electric bill and ever thought why my cold room cost more and more power? In our study, it’s easy to save 30% on the electric bill if customer pay attention to the daily operation.

General drawing.

Optimising energy efficiency

For example:

1# Any condensation water outside the panels? If yes, it’s really bad. The PU density may be not 42kg/m3.

2# Any ice block problem near the door? Door heater and gasket are the reasons.

3# Check the condenser? Is it dirty? Is it good ventilation?

For the above cases, it’s due to the quality problem. But besides the machines, how workers operate the cold room, it decides the electricity bill a lot. As long as our workers are well trained and operate the cold room in standard procedures, it’s so easy to save 30%. For example:

1) Turn off the door at once. Especially for the processing room

2) If products are hot, keep them outdoor and keep in good ventilation. Don’t put into the cold room till it’s cool

3) A good packing of your products. Sealed them by PP bag.

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