The reason of CA alarm showed while outdoor walk in cooler installed.

The reason of CA alarm showed while outdoor walk in cooler installed


Do you know that CA alarm is not the product quality issue. It is for protect the unit from unnormal operation and installation. Four reasons should be check if this issue showed.

There are some of customers meet CA alarm issue by using Bitzer or Copeland condensing unit for outdoor walk in cooler. They usually feel confused about the issue appeared even if all installation looks well. If you also meet this issue, do not worry, let us tell you how to deal with it.


CRYO unit used Emerson Dixell controller, the CA alarm means some installations are incorrect. There are four reasons should be considered:

  1. No refrigerant gas in the unit
  2. Electric wire connection is not correct or some wires loosed.
  3. Local voltage is not stable.
  4. Thermal relay protection value setting is not okay.

Usually, if the CA showed while you build walk in cooler, we advise you check the thermal relay protection value setting firstly. Because, 80% of our customer always ignore the thermal relay when installing.

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