Daily maintenance of the cold room

Daily maintenance of the cold room


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Do you really know how to use cold room? Do you worried about the short lifetime of your cold room? How to keep your cold room in good operation situation? Of course, long lifetimes are mainly dependent on a high-quality cold room. CRYO’S cold room is 20 years and the refrigeration unit is 8-12 years. Even so, we also need to take care of our cold room well to keep it in good operating situation.

  1. You should have some professional worker with professional knowledge and skillful operation technology to manage your Cold room and refrigeration.

  2. The operators must operate the refrigeration units according to the use instruction seriously.

  3. If install cold room indoor, it require good ventilation, and refrigeration unit must keep far from the heat source. Besides, the cold room surrounding must keep clean and dry.

  4. The daily input for cold room should follow bellow rules:

          (1) After the cold room installation, the daily input for cold room should follow the capacity design .

          (2) The daily input of fruits, vegetables and eggs for the cold room should be less than 10% of total capacity.

          (3) The daily input of frozen meat should be less than 30% of total capacity, and for chilled meat, should be less than 10%, and for fresh meat, should be less than 5%.

  1. Do not adjust the parameters of the temperature controller, pressure relay and defrost intervals frequently.

  2. Do not open the cold room door frequently, especially when putting the goods in it. The frequency of opening the door should be controlled in 10 times per day. Furthermore, keep the good habits that close the door behind you in and out the cold room.

  3. During the daily operation of refrigeration unit, should usually check the suction, exhaust temperature and the operation situation of condenser fan. And check oil pressure, oil temperature, oil level and pay attention to machine temperature and voice. Besides, clean the condenser fins regularly, please avoid the water get into the electrical components when you are cleaning.

  4. Do not disassemble the machine without the professional guide by skillful engineer.

  5. When input and output the goods, you should do it gently and do not use iron and other hard objects to break the goods to avoid damaging the cold room.

  6. In winter, please remember to drain out the circulating water in system to avoid freezing equipment when the circulating water system is available.



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