Our director and general manager join China Encouraging dinner

Our director and general manager join China Encouraging dinner

Recently our Director Leo and General sales manager Vivian join China Encouraging dinner. What is encouraging dinner? That is who have encouraging story can be shared in this dinner party.

The organizing director, Teacher De, firstly share his story that how he made success in last 10 years. Ten years ago, he opened and closed more than 5 companies and divorced and the life is down. But he changed his mind and to be positive and pray everyday. From that time, his life changed. Now he has very beautiful young wife and have 3 sons and his company has become Top in training industry and he has more than 10000 rich adorers who are benefit from his training course.

The second one sharer is the movie star who became popular among young people. Now he has 3 million adorers who love his interesting movie. He shared his story that when he graduated from university and he worked for some trading companies but he still like movie. So he gave up his job and seek for his dream. That time when he become to join movie industry, he only can get 20USD/per day, comparing his previous job, it’s 10 times difference and his family give him big pressure. But today he got successful. You see, seeking for dream and insist on the dream will cause miracle.

Finally, our general sales manager Vivian also share her story. When she was 22 years old and still study in college, she met with one Russian refrigeration engineer and begin to do international business. In these 7 years time, she built “CRYO SYSTEMS” brand make service for the cold room one stop solution business and now this brand already become E-commerce brand. Each year CRYO SYSTEMS sold out thousands of cold rooms to different countries all over the world and get the satisfaction of customers 99%. We focus one high-end market of food cooling, storing and freezing and keep good price in the world. CRYO SYSTEMS have mission ”COOL THE WORLD,WARM THE HEART”. Our mananger Vivian is only 29 years old business young lady, but she already achieve more than millions value. For this success, all through her and her team’s effort from 0 to 1.

This encouraging dinner’s topic is “MAKING”, it means speaking is useless, only achieving and making is the result. It encourages each one who join the dinner to work hardly and being positively.

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