Compressor rack for your cold room, saving power and no break down


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Compressor rack for your cold room, saving power and no break down

During these years, we give many refrigeration solutions with different refrigeration systems. Sometimes, we give monoblock refrigeration units. While for some customers, we say screw compressor is best.

Why? Many customers have little knowledge of refrigeration machines. They just want to use it and don’t give them a problem, save the power.

Now I’d like to discuss when you should need a compressor rack.

1# When your cold room is big, while one unit compressor is not enough.

2# When you care more about cold room energy consumption.

3# When you want the machine NOO-stop, 24 hours x 365 days

4# When you have several cold rooms together and they are similar sizes.


3 cold rooms


# Case A

It has 3 chambers. Each is 8×5.8x3meter, need 5HP Bitzer compressor. Because the cold room is small, so separate compressors are ok.



# Case B

This project has a lot of cold room. Each one is about 400CBM. It should use the compressor rack. I’ll save the power, save the compressor room space, easier to monitor.

cold room compressor units


But of course, there are other solutions. If customers prefer a single compressor for each room, it’s not a problem at all.

Whether you need a cold room compressor, it’s not we decide it. It’s your decision. We just give the most suitable solution based on what you need.


For more: you could add to quote and leave your message to get the latest price and ask questions, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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