Cold storage construction cost by using EPS panel


Cold storage construction cost by using EPS panel


Modular refrigeration storage

EPS panel is also a type of panel and has insulation functions. But what is the big difference for walk in cooler when using EPS panel? If you want to know the cold storage construction cost by using the EPS panel, please take one minute to read it.  


First, with the EPS panel thickness increasing, the thermal insulation property will increase. As we known, the heat preservation coefficient is 0.041, while the XPS is 0.03. So the EPS panel insulation ability is not the best.


Second, about the price, the EPS panel is cheaper than XPS panel because of the material and the thermal insulation property. That is why we say for the same size walk in cooler, the cold storage construction cost is cheaper. But for small walk in freezer, the cost is not a very big difference.


Third, strength difference, for EPS panel, for 18KG/m3, the strength is about 110~120KPA, for 20KG/m3, the strength is about 140KPA. So if you use the EPS panel for cold room, it needs to do an extra deal.


XPS panel


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