How to identify fireproofing of portable cool room?


How to identify fireproofing of portable cool room

The fireproofing for portable cool room

PU panel is part of a portable cool room. As a customer, we will select the PU panel according to density, color plate, thickness and etc. Many people will ignore another important factor-Fireproofing. If the cold room fire, it will very dangerous.

PU panel being fireproofing is important because it can ensure goods and people life secure if a fire accident happens.

In China, all the people say PU panel fireproofing is B2; CRYO also. Our PU panels can reach B2 grade. But the result has a big gap when happening fire. That is because CRYO PU panels use good foaming without adding fire retardants. But most suppliers add it. So when the fire happens, the panel with a fire retardant will generate heavy smoke. That is very dangerous for people’s safety.

But for our cold room panels, we don’t. Our material was originally fireproofing, steel plate reaches B1, Polyurethane reaches B2. We take care of every step and manufacture the best cold room.


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