How to deal with the common fault of the cold storage?

Deal with the common fault of the cold storage

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You must meet some problems while using the cold storage. But, it is hard to find the problem by yourself. Also, the engineer sometimes can not reach on site quickly. So, if you know some solutions to a common fault, it is helpful for you and keeps goods well in cold storage.

1. There is nothing shown in the controller,

– #1 please check if the breaker is opened.

– #2 please check the power supply if phase loss.

– #3 please check the emergent switch.

2. The evaporator no cold air bowled out or hard to reach the set temperature.

–  #1  Check the condenser if it is with dust and ventilation not well.

– #2  Check the evaporator if with too much ice.

– #3 Check if refrigerant gas leaks.

– #4 Check if the goods stacked well and have enough space for ventilating.

3. There are with water drip into the cold room from the evaporator

– # Check if the drip water pipe is blocked.

4. Only evaporator work, the compressor can not work.

–  #1 Check the pressure control device

– #2 Check the compressor contactor

5. The light is not on in cold storage

– #1 Check if the switch is broken

– #2 Check the light

6. While the ambient temperature is high, the refrigeration unit stop but the room temperature does not reach the setting. It is because of the high ambient temperature. Then, the high pressure is too high. To protect the compressor, the pressure control device will let the unit stop.

– #1 Check the condenser if it is with dust and ventilation not well.

– #2 After settling the issue, press the reset button of the pressure control device. Then, the unit will work automatically.

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