How to design the glass door cold room?

How to design the glass door for cold room?

Glass door cold room is a special design cold room. To make space on the front side of the cold room for customers picking food and beverage. Here are some points about how are design to make it.

1)Here are popular glass door sizes.

1 door in a set: 805*1840mm

2 doors in a set: 1580*1840mm

3 doors in a set: 2360*1840mm

4 doors in a set: 3140*1840mm

glass door for cold room

glass door for cold storage

Each set is with all doors in a joint frame.

2) How is the cold room size design?

glass door for cold room size design

3) What to do with the cold room’s panels to fix the door frame?

For the panels 4 side edges of the hole which will put the door on, we will pre-bury wood, then when install the glass door, the frame can better fit the cold room panel.


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