How much do you know about prefabricated cold storage?

How much do you know about prefabricated cold storage?

Prefabricated cold storage gradually appears in our field of vision, not only in hotels in recent years, canteens, and other places of food and beverage, but also pharmaceutical companies, clinics, hospitals, and other medical institutions, or laboratories places such as schools, research institutions.

Prefabricated cold storage is simple refrigeration equipment that is easy to assemble quickly. Currently, it has more choice of polyurethane as insulation material in the market.  This type of cold storage, combined with excellent insulation performance and good mechanical strength of insulation material well. It is a big advantage breakthrough of cold storage.

Question 01: Compared with traditional cold storage, what are the advantages of pre-cooled storage?

First, there are structural advantages.

The prefabricated cold storage has the advantages of lightweight, flexible combination, and convenient installation. It has good anti-seismic performance and high compressive strength. Besides, because insulation materials of cold storage are moisture-proof and waterproof, it is not easy to mold, and it has a better flame retardant performance. Based on these advantages, it has the characteristics of simple maintenance and low maintenance cost.

What are the more attractive advantages of prefabricated cold storage? The first is the performance of insulation. The prefabricated cold storage has good insulation and long life.


Question 02: What problems should be paid attention to during installation?

As for the aspect of structure, the prefabricated cold storage floor should have adequate bearing capacity. And the large prefabricated cold storage rooms should also consider the in and out of the loading and unloading equipment.

In the details, the door of the prefabricated cold storage should pay attention to its sealing property and should have a safety detach device at the same time. In order to prevent condensation, there should be a moisture-proof device in the cold storage, and the cold storage door frame should be equipped with an electric heater.

Prefabricated cold storage

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