How to set the room temperature with controller EK3030E?

controller EK-3030E

For CRYO’s refrigeration unit, we use the controller EK-3030E (Elitech brand). Most of our customers do not know how to set the room temperature and other parameters for this type of controller. Now, let us learn together.


1) Set the room temperature:

Firstly, if you see there is a lock signal displayed on the screen, we should unlock the keyboard by pressing the ’OK’ button for one second.

Secondly, press ‘off temp’ button and the screen will show off temp. Then, you can use ‘up arrow’ button or ‘down arrow’ button to change this off temperature value.

2) Set other parameters:

Under the status of controller unlocking, press ‘OK’ button for 5 seconds, and it will display code ’F1’ on the screen. Then, press the ‘up arrow’ button to select the parameters that you want to set. Finally, press ‘OK’ button to enter this parameter and change its value.

Cold Room Remote Control Platform(an APP developed by Cryo System) is the advanced way to check, record, and change the refrigeration temperatures in Cold storage, it needs controller EK3030E to complete the remote control system.

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