How to use the cold room to reduce vegetable loss?

Vegetable loss happens during fruit gathering, storing, transportation and sale every time. But how to avoid loss?

Chill room for vegetable

1. The first way is Pre-test precooling

Now we need to know the main reasons for the loss of vegetables:

  1. Microbial infection: In infected vegetables, micro-organisms are mainly fungi and bacteria, these micro-organisms are from some vegetables and farmland, such as potato late blight, carrot sclerotia, radish black rot, sick vegetables can Continue to spread hazards; some micro-organisms in the storage and transportation or even sales began to endanger the vegetable products, these microorganisms are mostly mold and corrupt bacteria, causing vegetables to grow mold, rot, smelly, causing losses.
  2. Vegetable physiological and biochemical reactions: Vegetable harvest after a period of time, there are still breathing and other life activities, which respiration and a variety of physiological and biochemical processes are closely linked, thus affecting the quality of vegetables in the storage process.
  3. Mechanical injury: the main features of vegetables are mostly fresh, crisp, in the squeeze and collision, there will be broken, abrasions, crushing broken, stab wounds, almost lost commercial and food value, and minor injuries Vegetables are also susceptible to infection by bacteria, causing rotting and spoilage, leading to more serious losses.

Therefore, what we can do to avoid and reduce loss is remove bad leaves and low-quality leaves to prevent the disease plant infection crop. So that to reduce vegetable loss in a simple basic way.

2 The second way is precooled!

Pre-cooling on vegetable edible mushrooms is very important!

Vegetables are pre-cooled, can effectively prevent the production of various diseases, and reduce the impact of respiration on vegetables, according to statistics, after the pre-cold vegetables (0 ℃ standard), than without pre-cooling vegetables (20 ℃) The rate of at least 40% to 50% lower, so that the longer the storage time of vegetables, the quality is not higher than the cold treatment of vegetables to be higher.

Vegetable cold storage

Vegetable cold store

Outdoor cold room for vegetable

Outdoor cold storage project for food

3. The third way is Storage – preservation of cold storage

A chiller cold room is very effective preservation equipment to store vegetables and mushrooms and etc. Storing vegetables in cold room is needed to avoid vegetable spoilage. A well-planned and high-quality vegetable cold storage is very important to extend the shelf life of vegetables, shelf life, easy peak sales, through disaster, devaluation, and so on.

In the article: the advantage of the agriculture cold room, you will know more points about storing fruits and vegetables in cold storage.

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