What should we attention to if installing an outdoor cold room?


The installation of an outdoor cold room, should consider more factors to make the cold room avoid some uncertainty risks.

outdoor cold room
  1. Build a shed to prevent the cold room from sun and rain. (Shed should be first, then the cold room, you will not want your cold room to get exposed to rain when installation.)
  2. The cold room foundation needs to be higher than the ground, so after rain, water will not flow into the cold room.
  3. If you use a forklift or pallet jack, you could install bumpers around the cold room, avoiding the forklift or pallet jack crashing the cold room.

Please note that, before installing the shed, you need to make sure the foundation is already done. See the below case. First, make the foundation, then build the shed on it, after that, we start to build the cold room.

1.make the foundation -> 2.build the shed on it -> 3.build the cold room


If you want to install a cold storage ourdoor, please feel free to discuss them with us.


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