The advantages of using a cold storage for agriculture

Due to the increasing demand for refrigerated/frozen food and the expansion of the refrigerated market, cold storage facility storage is becoming more and more important. Cold storage applications are also beneficial to farmers, and the economy as a whole in the agricultural sector.
One is that cold storage facilities are critical for reducing post-harvest losses, and the other is that it can be cost-effective to reduce waste.

The 5 advantages of agricultural cold storage:

Below are several advantages of agricultural refrigeration:

  1. Extend the life of fruits and vegetables and reduce the spoilage rate of perishable products

Fresh food is perishable and is susceptible to pests and spoilage. In general, controlling temperature and relative humidity and preventing damage can greatly extend shelf life. Cold temperatures help reduce the rate of chemical change in perishable products, which can help delay the ripening of fruits and their aging. thereby extending the shelf life of fresh vegetables and fruits.

  1. Cost-effective

This wastes a lot of money when perishable goods go bad due to improper storage. Cold storage extends the life of fresh produce by avoiding spoiled products, which will provide cost-effectiveness to businesses.

Another way, cold storage can provide cost benefits is through energy bills. An efficient and high-quality cold storage facility will reduce the use of electricity and subsequent maintenance costs.

  1. Temperature control

The refrigerator compartments are temperature-adjustable, they can store different foods by adjusting the temperature,

Different foods require different storage temperatures due to different conditions. Cold storage solutions can control the temperature to store the product at the optimal storage temperature, preserve the taste of the food and extend the life of the food.

cold storage for agriculture
  1. Customization

Cold storage is now available in many different sizes and types to meet your specific needs. Flexible size; different types of food at different temperatures can be stored in various chambers at different temperatures. These custom units can equip with the right refrigeration system to meet your specific needs.

  1. As storage space and backup measures

(1. Cold storage can be used directly as storage space, and a reasonable layout of cold storage can reduce unnecessary space waste.

(2. When there is a threat of power outages, the temperature of the area can maintain at low and constant for a long time due to the closed structure of the cold storage. This will allow the product to be stored longer in the event of a power outage.

Case of agriculture cold room:

Agriculture Chiller room for vegetables&fruits

240 tons fruits cold storage

Outdoor agriculture cold storage project

Outdoor cold storage project for food

200 tons fruits cold storage

Chill room for vegetable

Large scale agriculture cold room

Vegetable cold store

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