5 tips to reduce the food storage cold room cost

For how to reduce the cost of cold room for food storage, what treatments and adjustments need to be made, let’s take a look at this article.

1. Use suitable building materials

Has high-quality, cost-effective cold storage facilities. When using high-quality construction materials, you can maximize equipment life, ensure inventory quality, and reduce cooling costs.

Several building improvements to consider include, Insulated Panels, Insulated Doors and seals, LED Lighting and so on.

evaporator and condenser

2. Configure a reasonable heat exchange system

The heat exchange system is the main energy-consuming system of cold storage, which is mainly composed of a compressor, a condenser, an air cooler, and a liquid storage tank. The refrigeration effect of the cold storage is mainly reflected in its selection and configuration, especially the compressor and condenser.

frost in the evaporator

3. Clearly remove frost in the evaporator in time

When the evaporator of the cold storage works for a period of time, a coil will be formed on the frost layer. Even if it is frozen, the frost on the evaporator coil will increase the heat transfer resistance. The heat transfer effect is greatly reduced, which will not only affect the cooling speed but also increase the leave. burden and increase energy consumption. Therefore, the frost should be removed in time according to the specific situation of the evaporator frost.

It is common when the evaporator is frosting after running, but for some unusual time you could check: The 4 problems of frosting in the evaporator for cold room storage

condensing unit refrigeration systems

4. Reasonably adjust the operating parameters of the refrigeration system to improve the efficiency of the equipment

The evaporating pressure and temperature and condensing pressure and temperature of the refrigeration system are the main parameters. It is an important basis for operation and adjustment. According to the actual conditions and system changes, the operating parameters are continuously adjusted and controlled to operate under economical and reasonable parameters, which can ensure the safety of machinery, equipment, and stored products, give full play to equipment efficiency, and save money. Water, electricity, oil, etc.

5. Prevent impurities from entering the refrigeration system of the cold storage

The refrigeration system of the cold storage is a closed circulation system, but it is impossible to be completely clean in actual operation, and the working conditions or the addition of system refrigerant are not clean enough. Impurities such as lubricating oil, air, water, etc. entering the refrigeration system of the refrigeration system are not good, but they should be eliminated as much as possible.


Not only the construction and material cost of cold room should be considered, but also the correct use and maintenance of these cold storage buildings can reduce the heat load of the refrigeration unit and reduce the energy consumption of refrigeration, and reduce the cost of the cold room.

If your want to build suitable cold room storage, and for the most efficient and reliable refrigeration solutions, please contact us.

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