The operation of screw compressor unit

screw compressor unit

The standard operation of screw compressor unit is an important step to ensure the unit works well and has a long service life. Below lists are the steps:

1. Refrigerant gas charged.

The screw compressor unit needs to charge refrigerant on site. The refrigerant quantities and type must be in accordance with the regulations. Before charging, the quantities of refrigerant should be enough.

In these cases, when the refrigerant charge is insufficient, it will lead to insufficient cooling capacity. When the refrigerant charge is too large, it will not only increase the cost, but also have a negative impact on the operating energy consumption.

2. Operation of screw compressor unit

After the finished refrigerant is charged, we need to power on to operate and set the  unit. During operation, bellows need to notice.

(1) Check if all valve on the compressor unit is opened completely. Especially the discharged valve.

(2) For water cooled or water chiller unit, please open the condenser water valve and evaporator water valve. The water flows should be in accordance with the factory setting.

(3) Before powering on the unit, the local supply power should need to confirm if it’s normal.

(4) Before starting the unit, please read the manual.

(5) Check the unit parameters if it’s normal by referring to the manual.

(6) Write down the operation parameters(7) If it is abnormal for the unit to work, please stop the unit immediately.

The cold room projects with screw compressor units

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