Ultra low temperature -50, -60 cold storage for tuna, cold room Shasimi air blast freezer

blast freezer room(blast cold room)

blast freezer room

Needless to say, -20~-35C temperature is suitable for most frozen products, including beef, chicken, ice cream and seafood, etc. But when it comes to some special products, -50~-60C ultra low temperature cold room is a must. For example, we can’t put the frozen tuna in a -30C freezer room.

Quality is very important and now we’ll tell our basic design.


1# The Cold Room Refrigeration equipment – Cold Room Refrigeration Units

It’s quite easy to design refrigeration equipment for a chiller room, freezer room, and blast freezer. We can use monoblock refrigeration units, which is easy installation, and no need for commissioning.

We could also use split systems, with a good price and original new Bitzer compressor.

And, We could also use a compressor rack systems, which is power-saving, spacing-saving, and operation-friendly. Usually, the compressor rack system is designed to be installed in large cold storage or multi-chamber cold storage.

blast freezer

But when it comes to -50~-60C, we could no longer use the same design. A normal design evaporator can’t work well.

With authorized technology from our European partners, we could give you a high-quality -60C refrigeration system, which is long-lasting, power-efficient, and easy to operation & maintenance.

We would use Bitzer compressors, Mycom, SRM, Hitachi screw compressors, etc. They have different characteristics and we would listen to customers before the quotation.

2# Insulated panels

High-density 42kg/m3 is a must. PU panels with cam lock are a good choice. But best choise is PIR panels.

pu panel

3# Insulated doors

With Cold storage doors: Hinged doors or Sliding doors. And It should be a good design, with both the doorframe heater and doorsill heater.

Insulated doors

4# Installation and Commissioning

That’s very important. So we would send our engineer on-site to provide these services.

5# Power Saving Design

As for these ultra low-temperature blast freezers, power saving is very important. Supposed we improve it by 20%, it will make a huge difference on the electric bill.

6# Others

Rack systems, electric connection, light, forklift, etc. All are not the same as a normal freezer room.


For more: you could get in touch with us and leave your message to get the latest price and ask questions, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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