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Processing Room

+10°C to +18°C

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Close to 0°C

Freezer Room

-15°C to -30°C or lower

Blast Freezer Room

-30°C to -45°C or lower

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The Components of Cold Room

We offer comprehensive solutions for cold rooms, which include a variety of refrigeration units, cold room panels, and cold room doors. Our goal is to provide your cold room with the most appropriate components.  OEM, and ODM are available

Cold Room Project Designs

Comprehensive cold storage solutions provider


Although being established in 2011, CRYO SYSTEMS Co, Ltd. is not new to the refrigeration industry. With over 40 years of experience, our panel and refrigeration equipment factory make us the preferred option for all your refrigeration requirements. We have the capability to provide outstanding quality and reliability for your business.

Our services span across 70 countrie, 7,000+ satisfied customers, and strong presence in Southeast Asia, North and South America, we are your go-to partner for high-quality, efficient cold room solutions.

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Started in 1984

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Global trade

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Customized solution for every project

Why Choose CRYO?


  • Practical solutions, considering many factors
  • Detailed installation guide
  • Clear quotation details
  • Draft drawing design


  • Detailed installation guide
  • Remote video guidance
  • On-site one-to-one guidance
  • Skilled operations team

After-Sales Service

With our intelligent app, your cold room is under constant 24/7 monitor. It quickly detects any problem and provides solutions. While our professional team provides rapid assistance, helping you minimize potential costs.

Also, we provide one-on-one online assistance in English for each project. Expert team with 30+ years of experience available for on-site installation guidance in complex projects.


Delivery Time

Our modern production and standardized processes ensure fast delivery. Our dedicated order tracking team provides real-time updates on product transportation.

professional team

Professional Team

Our team of 300+ includes refrigeration experts from Russia involved in research and development. We are dedicated to the design of intelligent cold room and remote monitoring systems.

Resource Integration​

We offer a one-stop shopping experience with related products, showcasing packages equipped with forklifts, shelves, Bumper bar, and more.


Quality Assurance

We partner with world-famous brands for our units and accessories, and our cold storage panels are ranked No.1 in China for quality.


Our Projects

CRYO offers a wide selection of cold room storage, refrigeration units and accessories. One Stop Solution for All Your Customized Cold Rooms Requirement.


Large cold room in USA

• 4300 ㎡, 12m height project, with 150mm PIR panel.
• With 2.2x5m electric sliding doors. German technology.


Logistics cold storage in Australia

• 3000  ㎡ Logistic cold storage, with loading bay for containers.
• High temp +10~+15C storage room for fruit & vegetable.

1800 ㎡ Cold room project in South America

• 1800  ㎡ logistic cold storage project, 10m height.
• With rack system.

At CRYO, we have done many projects in different countries, with wide experience and professional knowledge.

Contact info

Telephone: 86-020-26273159

Mobile/WhatsApp1: 86-18813757413

Mobile/WhatsApp2: 86-18898321642

Email: [email protected]

Address: Room 1515-1516, No.2 building, Minjie Huamei International, Nanda road, Dashi Street, Panyu district, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.

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