I don’t like this cold room, it makes my fruit/vegetable “withered”!


fruit/vegetable cold storage

I don’t like this cold room, it makes my fruit/vegetable “withered”!

You must have this experience if you are doing fruit/vegetable business. You put the goods into cold room to keep it fresh, but days after, find out it becomes not that fresh as you expect, instead, it looks a little “withered”, why? What can you do?

The moisture in the room or fruits/vegetables will become condenser water on the fin of evaporator, and become frost. After defrosting function, it becomes defrost water and drain out by the pipe to outdoor, this is how moisture lose.


#1 Pack fruit/vegetable in PP bag to prevent water loss. What if the PP bag is toxic to them?

#2 Add humidifier to maintain cold room humidity like 90% or other levels that the fruit/vegetable requires. But this case will make evaporator defrost frequently, which is power consumption and temperature not stable inside.

#3 Ask suppliers to choose a bigger heat exchange area/cooling capacity for the evaporator.

If you ever meet with the above problems, contact us for the most professional solution. We will consider all the factors and provide you the most suitable solution.



cooling room for fruit

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