The function of crankcase heater!

Crankcase heater can protect the compressor from liquid slugging and insufficient lubricity.

 We are always confused that why the refrigeration factory asks us to keep the power more than 4 hours when the unit is first started and or without electricity long time.

Because, during the shut-off periods, there are some refrigerant can mix with the oil. It will be liquid slugging and reduce lubricity in the next start. So, we add a heater in the crankcase. Then, we can warm up the oil to separate the refrigerant and oil by keeping the power for more than 4 hours.

The heater is important under the following conditions:

1. The compressor is during longer shut-off periods.

2.The compressor surrounding temperature less than 10C.

3. The way of supply oil is the oil pump.

Crankcase heater - compressor

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