Is insulation door important to a cold room or not?

Is insulation door important to a cold room or not?

When designing the door, the size needs to be big enough for workers moving goods in and out. But if the door is too big, cool air will lose and contribute a higher electric bill.

If door quality not good and can’t be closed appropriately, remain a gap there, when cold air and warm air come across, it becomes condensate water and then gets frozen, closing a door will be harder. Thus, more warm air come into the cold room and consuming more electricity.

We find out the frozen ice around and clean it, later the ice occurs again and we clean it again, we keep doing this, again and again, then later you will notice the white paint on the panel around the door is dropping off, and sooner panel rust, insulation worse, electric more. There is bad circulation.

insulation door for cold room


  1. Use stainless steel for panel and for the wall/roof/floor panel around door.
  2. Contact Cryo, [email protected], we pay more attention to door designed, worked with Germany and USA partners.

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