I need cold room, but I don’t have installation team, what should I do? ——Monoblock unit can help you

I need cold room, but I don’t have installation team,what should I do?

In the past, cold storage rooms were often used by  big companies, small family use chest freezer only. Nowadays, many people buy cold rooms for food storage, especially for a party or festival. But they worry about the installation of the refrigeration unit. There comes monoblock unit for you.

Monoblock unit is a compact machine that includes all components in one body. Before sending the machine to you, all parts are well connected, gas has changed in the machine, the test has done in our factory. What you need to do, just need to put the unit in the hole of the wall panel, connect power, then it starts to cool/freeze. It is easy like playing LEGO.

monoblock unit

Now, do you know how to install your own cold room even if you don’t have a technical team? 


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