The suitable storage temperature of fruit and vegetable

The suitable storage temperature of fruit and vegetable

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 Different fruit and vegetable have different storage temperatures. We can summarize 4 types of temperature approximately.

  1. More than 10 degree Celsius.

The cold room with more than 10 degrees C can store the tropical fruit. The tropical fruit stored in low temperatures is easy to rot. For example, the fruit pitaya should store in 15 degree C and keep humidity 75%~90%.

  1. 10 degree Celsius

Fruits lychee, plum and vegetables cucumber, pumpkin, tomato and etc. should keep in 10C because of the high water content.

  1. 2C to 8C

The green beans, string beans should store in 7C cold storage and keep humidity 85%-95%.

And, the sweet potato, potato, Chinese yam and etc. are better stored in 3C to 5C.

  1. 0C to 2C

Most of the root vegetables and leaf vegetables grew in temperature zone and subrigid zone fruits should store in 0~2 degree C and no lower than 0C. Such as the cherry, apple, grape, peach, pear, and cabbage, celery, carrots.

These fruits and vegetables should not put into the cold room immediately after finished picking. And, it is better that keep 24h in normal atmospheric temperature before putting inside the cold room.

Why should use cold storage to store fruit and vegetable?

The fruit and vegetable cold storage room is a cold storage facility for storing fruits and vegetables. Low temperatures can reduce the occurrence of pathogenic bacteria and the decay rate of fruits and vegetables. In addition, it can slow down the respiratory and metabolic processes of fruits and vegetables, thereby achieving the purpose of preventing rot and prolonging the storage period. And to choose the right storage temperature of fruit and vegetable could make them more long-lasting.

cold storage for fruit/vegetable

Different food has different cold storage temp to keep fresh and long-lasting. For others, you could check the blog for the Best Cold Storage Temperature for Different Food.

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