The importance of cold storage doors and 5 Tips for design considerations

The installation of cold storage doors is an important aspect of the whole cold storage installation project.

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The importance of cold room doors

The cold storage door is the face of the building. Every time for the goods in and out, you need to go through this door.

The opening, closing, and locking frequency of the insulated doors for cold rooms can even reach 1000 times per day. If there is a problem during this period, the small one will cause running and dripping, affecting the production schedule, and the large one will affect the corporate image or even cause a safety accident.

The safest choice for cold storage doors: reduce energy costs, meet cold chain requirements, and optimize work processes.

Therefore, it is necessary for us to pay enough attention to cold storage doors.


5 tips when choosing a cold storage door:

  1. The function of the cold storage door to open and close normally.

The cold storage door is the first “protection line” of cold storage. If there is a problem with the switch of the cold storage door, it will greatly decrease the refrigeration and preservation effect of the cold storage. It will have a great impact on our use, so It is good that we keep fully guarantee its generally essential on and off functions.

  1. Antifreeze heating system.

The cold storage door is in a low-temperature state for a long time, and frosting often occurs, which affects the normal use of the cold storage door.

  1. The cold room door must have good airtightness.

If all of the above work is done, but the cold storage door itself does not have the required airtightness, this related work will not be able to achieve good results, and it is a long-term “threat” for the normal work of the cold storage.

  1. The door size:

In Cold Storage Construction for the big cold room warehouse, it should be considered with the height of the forklift and the goods. Suitable door size is necessary.
  1. It is necessary to use a stronger door frame also.

cold storage doors

Don’t ignore the role of cold storage doors in temperature control. Finding the appropriate door for cold storage is essential to improve operation and energy efficiency as well as safety.

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