If can use one refrigeration unit for two cold rooms(dual temperature)

One refrigeration unit for dual temperature

Today, one customer ask us if can use one refrigeration unit for two cold rooms (one is a freezer room, the other is a chiller room)? I am sure that it is no problem.

let us explain more, firstly a dual temperature cold room means that two cold rooms are with two temperatures.

The freezer room one is -18~-25C for meat storage and the chiller room one is 0~10C for vegetable and fruit storage.

All are operated by one refrigeration unit. And, using two sets separately temperature controllers to control the room temperature.

But, what we should pay attention to is that the chiller room must be installed the evaporating pressure regulating valve (KVP valve) to control the chiller room suction pressure.

Bitzer refrigeration unit
two cold rooms

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