Cold room for chicken

CRYO can customize chicken cold storage solutions for your different chicken storage needs. The temperature range is +5~-45℃, which can be used for short-term storage and long-term storage.

  • From design to installation and maintenance, we offer a comprehensive solution.
  • Quick response within 24 hours.
  • Easy intelligence to manage cold rooms with our remote control APP.

Chicken Cold Storage Solution

From the instant a chicken is slaughtered, detrimental bacteria commence growth within uncooked meat, underscoring the urgency of a highly time-sensitive storage protocol. Should you seek to extend the longevity of your chicken to the greatest extent possible, adherence to proper safe storage procedures becomes paramount. CRYO can provide a different storage solution for chicken.

Bitzer water chiller

1. Chiller pre-cooling

Pre-cooling by water chiller. Put the carcass after slaughtering and evisceration into the cooling tank for water cooling. The water temperature in the cooling tank is (3±1)°C, pre-cooling for at least 30 minutes, and the temperature of the carcass center after pre-cooling is not higher than 10°C . The chicken:water ratio is 1.5 liters of water per chicken.

chicken cold storage

2. Chicken cold room

Keep the storage temperature at +5°C~-5°C. Good for short-term storage, usually between a few days and a week, for chicken that is ready to use. The advantage is that it can prevent the dehydration of the food, help to maintain the moisture and taste of the chicken, and reduce the loss of quality.

Meat Freezer Room

3. Chicken freezer room

The temperature is below -15~-30°C, and the center temperature of the product is below -15°C within 24 hours. Suitable for long-term storage, usually it can be stored for several months to more than a year, depending on the temperature of the freezer and the type of chicken, but pay attention to the correct method of thawing after freezing to avoid chicken quality deterioration.

Chicken Blast freezer

4. Chicken blast freezer

Operating at -30°C to -45°C or lower, our blast freezer rapidly chills chicken, preserving nutrition and flavor. Ideal for large-scale production and export, it ensures optimum quality and is a key asset in maintaining freshness during storage and transportation.


The quality cold room products are essential to keep chicken fresh and avoid the clients’ loss. We are ahead of high quality. Our key technology is from Germany with reliable and high-efficiency German-brand refrigeration units.

As well, we exported 70+ countries and now how to design based on different countries.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, total design, installation, and maintenance, to ensure that every project is customized to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Our Services

Design Stage

  • Decades of Industry Experience: Our team of technical engineers in over 30 years of industry expertise. We thoroughly understand your requirements and project specifics to provide customized solutions.
  • Global Perspective: With installation experience over 70+ countries, we can customize optimal solutions based on each country’s features and needs, ensuring top performance for your cold storage.

Installation Stage

  • Professional Team Support: With 30+ years in the field, our installation specialists provide remote video and on-site support for smooth project progress. They’ve installed 100,000+ tons of cold storage facilities.

  • Installation Guide: In addition, we provide a detailed installation guide with step-by-step instructions to ensure accurate and efficient installation.

After-sale Stage

  • Maintenance Assurance: We provide scheduled maintenance services to keep your cold storage system running efficiently at all times. This saves time and costs, allowing you to focus on your core business.

  • CRYO APP: Through our CRYO APP, you can monitor cold storage conditions and receive real-time support anytime, anywhere. This minimizes potential maintenance costs and enhances overall operational efficiency.

Chicken storage tips

  1. The temperature at which the chicken enters the cold room is critical and should not exceed 4 degrees Celsius. Deviations from this temperature may have the following effects:
  • Refrigeration and/or freezing are slower due to the large amount of heat that needs to be removed from the chicken;
  • The cooling process requires more cooling capacity, resulting in higher operating costs;
  1. Packaged chicken should be placed in properly cleaned and sanitized crates to prevent possible cross-contamination issues. Crates should not be overfilled as any points of contact between the chicken will not freeze properly causing quality issues.
  2. When storing the product, you should avoid exposing it directly to the cold environment, as this may cause the problem of surface drying, commonly known as “freezer burn”. Due to this dehydration, not only the quality is greatly affected, but also the profit. It should be remembered that 70% of muscle tissue is water. Should be stored in bags.

We provide the one-stop solution cold room with high-quality refrigeration systems(also with the refrigeration accessories)

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    From farm-fresh to your table, our cold storage chicken solutions at CRYO SYSTEMS ensure that the poultry you consume is of the highest quality. With our specialized cold storage for chicken, we guarantee freshness at every stage of storage.”

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