Fruit cold storage

Presenting our Customized Cold Storage solution for Vegetable and Fruit preservation (0°C to 14°C), for either short-term or long-term storage,
Our experts provide customized designstep-by-step guidanceremote support, and on-site assistance.

  • From design to installation and maintenance, we offer a comprehensive solution.
  • Quick response within 24 hours.
  • Easy intelligence to manage cold rooms with our remote control APP.

Fruit cold storage solution

As you explore the world of fresh produce storage, remember that not all solutions are created equal. At CRYO SYSTEMS, our cold room fruit storage stands out, ensuring that every fruit retains its natural freshness. Dive into a realm where fruit cold storage is more than just a facility; it’s a commitment to quality

Cold Room Solution for Fruit

1. Cold Room Temperature Setting

Different fruits may require different temperature settings. For example, some subtropical fruits, such as durian, may be better suited for storage in cold storage, while certain perishable vegetables, such as tomatoes, may be better suited for cold storage. Quick freezers are usually used for products that need to be stored for a long time or exported, such as frozen fruit juices or frozen fruit cubes. 

0°C - 5°C

Carrots, Strawberries, Peaches, Cherries, Cauliflower, Apples, Oranges, Tomatoes

tomato storage

5°C - 10°C

Pineapple, Potatoes, Onions, Bell Peppers, broccoli, Eggplant

onion storage

10°C - 14°C

Cucumber, Banana, Mango, Watermelon, Garlic, Lemon, Grape, Subtropical Fruit (Durian)

mango Storage

We also provide freezer room (-2°C – 0°C), a lower temperature for fruit and vegetable, and blast freezer room (-18°C – -40°C) for frozen food, it is up to your needs.

2. Cold Room Humidity Setting

Maintaining proper humidity can prevent fruits and vegetables from dehydrating and losing their freshness. The ideal humidity range for most fruits and vegetables is 85% – 95%.

3. Other factors

  • Ventilation: Good ventilation not only helps maintain the proper temperature inside the freezer, but also reduces the build-up of ethylene and other harmful gases that can accelerate the aging of fruits and vegetables.
  • Light: Certain fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes, are better stored in the dark because light can cause them to sprout or change color.
  • Ethylene sensitivity: Certain fruits and vegetables (eg, apples, tomatoes) release ethylene gas, which may accelerate the ripening and aging of other fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the placement and isolation between fruits and vegetables need to be considered.
  • Packaging: Proper packaging protects fruits and vegetables from contamination, reduces moisture loss, and provides additional protection.

Our Products

The quality cold room products are essential to keep fruit fresh and avoid the clients’ loss. We are ahead of high quality. Our key technology is from Germany with reliable and high-efficiency German-brand refrigeration units. The component of cold room for fruits:

As well, we exported 70+ countries and now how to design based on different countries.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, total design, installation, and maintenance, to ensure that every project is customized to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Our Services

Design Stage

  • Decades of Industry Experience: Our team of technical engineers in over 30 years of industry expertise. We thoroughly understand your requirements and project specifics to provide customized solutions.
  • Global Perspective: With installation experience over 70+ countries, we can customize optimal solutions based on each country’s features and needs, ensuring top performance for your cold storage.

Installation Stage

  • Professional Team Support: With 30+ years in the field, our installation specialists provide remote video and on-site support for smooth project progress. They’ve installed 100,000+ tons of cold storage facilities.

  • Installation Guide: In addition, we provide a detailed installation guide with step-by-step instructions to ensure accurate and efficient installation.

After-sale Stage

  • Maintenance Assurance: We provide scheduled maintenance services to keep your cold storage system running efficiently at all times. This saves time and costs, allowing you to focus on your core business.

  • CRYO APP: Through our CRYO APP, you can monitor cold storage conditions and receive real-time support anytime, anywhere. This minimizes potential maintenance costs and enhances overall operational efficiency.

Vegetable and Fruit Storage Application

We offer specialized storage solutions for every type of industry

  1. Wholesale market: Large cold storage is used to store large quantities of fruits for supply to retailers and other commercial customers.
  2. Post-farm processing: Store fruits in cold storage immediately after harvest to extend their freshness and shelf life.
  3. Supermarkets and retail stores: use cold storage to store large quantities of inventory, ensuring the freshness and quality of merchandise.
  4. Export and import: In order to ensure the freshness of fruits and vegetables during long-distance transportation, they need to be stored in cold storage near the export and import ports.
  5. Food processing plants: raw materials need to be stored in cold storage before making jams, juices or frozen foods.
  6. Catering industry: Large restaurants, hotels or restaurant chains use cold storage to store a large amount of vegetable and fruit ingredients to ensure their freshness.
  7. Research and Laboratories: Research facilities for testing the freshness, quality and shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Fruit Storage Cold Room Projects

fruit cold room - 240 tons
240 tons fruits cold storage

cold storage for fruits

Chiller storage for fruits

Fruit cold storage - 500 tons

Vegetable cold storage for 500 tons

Contact us today to learn more about our customized fruit cold storage solution. Quality assured with world-famous brands, we provide the perfect solution for medium-scale or large-scale food storage needs.

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